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AACC 2015 Membership Drive

Since the AACC 2015 Membership Drive - File Photosformation of our nonprofit coalition in the summer of 2013, our group has been fighting to protect the rights of the residents of Americus.

We have educated countless people on the effects of quarries with regard to residential homeowners. Through our public meetings, we have managed to keep residents informed and involved.

We have hired experts in the fields of hydrology, geology, and audiology with the purpose of gathering the best information.

We have contracted two different law firms, enabling us to fight the quarry development at both the state and local government levels – from the IDNR to our County Commissioners.

We have networked with area politicians, explaining the results of our research and voicing the opinions of Americus residents, visiting and speaking at gatherings of the various political bodies in our area.

We have been active in multiple forms of social media, getting the word out through WLFI, the Journal and Courier, Facebook, and our own website: (

We have researched every negative aspect of quarrying and presented that information in multiple venues.

We have fought to enact a new law (which passed unanimously): The Prohibition of Quarries in Residential Areas.

Most importantly though, we have helped to foster a sense of community.

We have hosted social gatherings and brought people together. We have given people a chance to meet neighbors they might never have met had it not been for this struggle. We have worked together to come this far.

However, there is still so much more to be done – this is where you can make a difference.

Our membership drive begins in March. Watch for a follow up email coming soon. We ask that you help us to finish what we have started – help us to stop this development once and for all.  Not on our email list?  Click here to sign up.

Support our Tippecanoe County Commissioners

tippecanoe county commissioners



Write a letter showing your support today!

This is a call from the Americus Area Community Coalition to the public to show your support to our Tippecanoe County Commissioners.

At the January 15, AACC public meeting it was requested that each of us write a letter to our county commissioners showing our support of their efforts to stop the Rogers Group from putting the stone quarry in Americus.

Ordinance 2014-08-CM Prohibition of Quarries in Residential Areas passed 2 to 0 on the Second Reading at the 7/07/14 Commissioners’ Meeting.  Now Tippecanoe County is being sued by the Rogers Group in an effort to side step the Board of Zoning Appeals process. They are attempting to put the stone quarry in Americus against the will of the people.

Following are the names of the tippecanoe county commissioners and their contact information. Feel free to write each commissioner regardless of their district.

Email Addresses

Tracy Brown – District 1
email address:

David Byers – District 2
email address:

Tom Murtaugh – District 3
email address:

There is also a common email address that all the commissioners access. This email address is:

Mailing address

20 N 3rd St
Lafayette, IN 4790

Phone and Fax

Phone: (765) 423-9215
Fax: (765) 423-9196

If you send your letter of support by email please send it to all the commissioners. Let’s encourage them, show our appreciation and let them know the AACC supports their efforts.


Thank you and best regards,

Americus Area Community Coalition


photo credit: Dale Wolfe, Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground

Rogers Group Afraid to Face the People

Rogers Group Afraid to Face the PeopleThis afternoon, Rogers Group filed a lawsuit against Tippecanoe County officials regarding the ordinance passed this summer. The lawsuit is intended to challenge the legality of an ordinance which passed unanimously in order to protect citizens from the negative impacts of quarrying operations.

This move is intended to take the fight out of the political arena – a battle Rogers would clearly have lost – and put it in the legal arena. Yet again, we have been prevented from stating our case and putting this quarry issue to rest.

Please attend the upcoming public meeting on January 15 at 7:00 PM at the Buck Creek Community Center to learn more about this.

As for the AACC, nothing has changed. We are staying together, and we will continue the fight.

Nate Hofmann, AACC Vice President


photo by Robert Temple Ayres

Rogers Group Sues Tippecanoe County Over Stone Quarry

The Journal & Courier reported this afternoon that Rogers group is suing Tippecanoe County.

On Thursday afternoon, Rogers Group, Inc., filed a lawsuit against Tippecanoe County, the Board of Commissioners, the Area Board of Zoning Appeals, the Area Plan Commission and the county’s building commissioner. – Journal & Courier

Read the full article here:  Rogers Group files lawsuit against county

Americus Quarry Proposal Withdrawn by the Rogers Group

Americus Area Community Coalition Yard SignIn a move that surprised everybody, except the Americus Area Community Coalition, the Rogers Group has withdrawn it’s Americus quarry proposal from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Although the Rogers Group petition with the BZA has been withdrawn, the AACC will continue as an organization and will continue to monitor any activity the Rogers Group initiates relative to the proposed quarry.  As Kay Miller noted in comments with the Journal & Courier:

They could come back and say, ‘Look, we already have our state permit,’ ” Miller said. “So for two years we have to be really diligent, and then after that we just have to be diligent.

The Americus Area Community Coalition is here to stay.

Read the latest news here:

Rogers Group pulls Americus quarry proposal –

Rogers Group withdraws quarry proposal –

Rogers Group Completes Board of Zoning Appeals Application

Americus Area Community Coalition ButtonThe Rogers Group has just completed their application with the Tippecanoe County Board of Zoning Appeals. This is the application that was initiated back in July of this year. It is unclear at this time if their application will be heard at the Jan. 28 meeting or at a later date. The AACC is preparing assuming it will happen at the January BZA meeting.

All BZA meetings are held in the Tippecanoe Room of the County Office Building, located at 20 North 3rd Street, Lafayette, Indiana.

If you have an interest in stopping the proposed stone quarry in Americus please mark your calendars for Jan. 28, 7pm, and plan on attending the BZA meeting.

Thank you for your support.

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AACC Holiday Dinner – Roberts Americus Restaurant – Dec. 18, 2014

AACC Holidy Dinner 2014

Members and friends, the Americus Area Community Coalition invites you to join us for the second annual AACC Holiday Gathering at Roberts Americus Restaurant.

When – Thursday, December 18 at 6pm.

Where – Roberts Americus Restaurant, 7460 Old State Road 25 N, Lafayette, IN 47905

Enjoy all you can eat chicken and fish – $12 per person.

RSVP by December 10th using the contact form below.  Also, you can submit any questions you may have about the event.

Please provide the total number of people in your party.  This will help in planning the food.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Tippecanoe County Commissioners Approve Quarry Ordinance

A huge win today for the Americus Area Community Coalition!


Today the Tippecanoe County Commissioners approved Ordinance No. 2014-08-CM: Prohibition of Quarries in Residential Areas.

A huge thank you to the Americus Area Community Coalition leadership:

Board Members
Co-Presidents: Bill and Kay Miller
Vice-President: Nate Hofmann
Vice-President: Jason McCoy
Secretary: Tina Deno
Secretary: Janet Schladetsky
Treasurer: Sue Deno

Advisory Board Members
Allen Hofmann
Dave Weiner
Teresa Maxwell
Merrell Cree

Non-Voting Board Members
Dale Wolfe

Also, a big thank you to all the speakers at the commissioners meeting. Everyone can’t be named that has contributed to the organization and got us to this point, so thank you everyone. Our efforts to stop the stone quarry are paying off. Even if you are just attending meetings and showing your support. Every small effort is very encouraging.

Countless hours have been put in by the extended team.

Following are local news articles covering the commissioners meeting:

We will begin preparing for the August 27 Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Rogers Group on Friday re-filed a modified application for a quarry special exception from the county board of zoning appeals.

The fight isn’t over, but we’ve come a long way!

Quarry Ordinance Passes Its First Reading – Final Reading on July 7

Following is a statement prepared by the Americus Area Community Coalition board members. Also included is a news video discussing the quarry ordinance.

Source: WLFI – News 18

At an AACC public meeting this past winter, Senator Ron Alting stood and delivered a powerful, positive message to area residents: “Grassroots works.” It appears he was on to something.

An ordinance requiring a buffer zone between residential homeowners and mineral extraction operations passed its first reading unanimously today. This ordinance was based on a proposal brought to the commissioners just last week by those who live in their county – government officials acting in response to information brought to their attention.

It is understood that mining is a necessary industry to any developing county. It is also understood that quarries have detrimental effects on residential properties and those who live there. We asked the commissioners to think proactively and consider requiring space between residences and mining operations.

This new ordinance would not permit mining to take place within a two-mile circle containing 100 residences or more. This would render the proposed Americus quarry site unavailable for mineral extraction operations. This ordinance would not prohibit quarrying in Tippecanoe County. There are other more sparsely, primarily agrarian areas of the county where this type of operation would be less intrusive (e.g. the area of the Kentland quarry). That type of operation is allowed for by this ordinance.

This ordinance also would not affect sand and aggregate dealerships, so there are no “grandfathering” issues. No existing aggregate operation in Tippecanoe County would be affected by this ordinance. The proposed ordinance would require no new licensing or regulation process, with no cost to the county; it simply requires some space between people and industry.

It’s not over yet. There is a two-week period of open comment. This time period allows the commissioners to engage in consideration of public input. After the fact-gathering period, the proposed ordinance still has to pass its second reading.

The second reading will take place on July 7 at 10:00 at the City-County Office Building, 20 North 3rd street. Please attend if you are able and show your support of this ordinance. Let people know if you believe that no industry has the right to come at a cost to people – in dollars, health, or safety.

For more information, please attend the AACC public meeting this Thursday evening at Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground at 7:00 p.m.